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Why I’m Sharing!

You can’t stand in your power unless you have done the work to do so. you cannot be all that you are unless you take those steps forward and THAT is why I’ve been sharing my story! Not to tell you how to live your life, or how to heal your mind, body, & spirit… but in sharing my own experiences and healing journey I can inspire others to do so as well.

Because really.. I want to support others to stand in their power, to heal their stories, and to be all that they’re here to be. And I can’t help anyone do that unless I can do it myself. I can’t stand in my power unless I have done my own work. I can’t do what I’m here to do until I have healed my own life. There will always be more layers, there will always be more to heal, but I’ve come so far. I can stand in my power, I’m owning my life. I’m comfortable in my own skin, in my business, and with what I am providing for my clients.

I am so energized after a photo shoot! I am so happy after I have been creating, whatever that may mean that day. Sometimes I am creating my own branding content, or writing, or editing, or getting photos taken of myself. Sometimes I am taking photos of my clients, or talking to them about their business and how I can help them grow their business. Regardless, it makes me sooo happy to do this work!

I am here to not only heal my life and stand in my power, but to help everybody else to do so too… which is why I am sharing my story and how I healed my life. In doing so, I hope to either inspire others to do the same, or heal another layer, or find another resource to help something that they’ve been struggling with.

The world is better when we all do our work when we all show up when we all do what we are here to do. The world is better when we hold each other up and when we help each other grow and when we support each other. Be your true self. Shine your light. Stand in your power. And share your story.


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