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Healing – Part 2

How I healed my life -mind, body, & spirit- and found happiness, passion, & purpose.

In my last post I shared a lot with you about my journey with meditation, yoga, energy healing, and how I found my purpose. Now I’ll share with you how I cleared out some mental and physical clutter, and purged most of my possessions.

I began by decluttering and purging, which started way back when I moved out of my cute blue house on the beach. I put almost everything I had in storage, and I moved into my friend’s spare room, the only place I had to go without moving back home. I only took what I absolutely needed, which was a bed and a dresser. It was an amazing experience to live with just the basics, and realize how much extra crap I had accumulated. Before I moved down to the blue house my family had moved my grandmother out of her house, so I accumulated everything I needed to fill up a 3 bedroom place. I had an office, a living room, bedroom, kitchen, and a sun room. It was an awesome place, it was my first place, and I loved how it came together and how decorated it all, but it was excessive once I moved out of that place. So after I left my friend’s spare room, and into another spot on the beach with some roommates, I slowly started to get rid of things. I began selling things here and there, but I still didn’t really start to purge until I finally moved back home.

I was so lost, so broken, and so cluttered both physically and mentally that I just wanted to get rid of EVERYTHING. It went in phases, I could only emotionally handle so much at a time, but every couple of months I’d go through my room, my closet, my storage unit, and get rid of everything I could. This went on for a while, it was like every few months I had healed a little bit more, I had distanced myself from my things that much more, I had the strength to let more things go, and I was ready to purge. It was therapeutic really. It slowed down after a while, after all I only had so much! Then I watched the Minimalism documentary. It really motivated me to purge again, so I went through my last purging streak, and that one included my car. It took me a few months to actually do it, to convince myself of it, and to prepare myself for it. When I finally did, I took it for one last drive, and I sold it to a friend… one who will let me drive it again, because that was the only way I could let it go.

I wish I didn’t have such an attachment to things, but I do. I get sentimental, I like having reminders of trips I’ve taken, places I’ve visited, and I also like not having to buy new things all the time. I still have things in storage, and when I move into my own place I’ll purge again after I realize how much more of that I don’t need. I plan to build a tiny home, so I’ve been trying to imagine how much I’ll have room for so I can purge what won’t fit before then. Until I have a blue print, I’ll keep it all because I will know I will need plates again one day.

Next I’ll share with you how I cleaned up my diet and how I’m healing my hormones. To be continued…

Written by: Heather Robinson
Photo by: Heather Robinson

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